Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that works on every aspect of health, the physical, psychological, emotional, nutritional and spiritual levels, to identify and relieve the stress which may be preventing the individual from enjoying excellent health.

It was developed in the 1960s by Dr George Goodheart combining modern Western techniques and knowledge drawn from Eastern health systems. 

Touch For Health Kinesiology

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How does it work?

Kinesiology works on the basis that in order have total health, we must look at the person as a complete whole. Factors that affect the physical body will not only have an effect on other parts of the body but will have an effect upon the mind and emotions too. For example, chronic back pain could lead to a person feeling depressed and by the same token, excessive worry could contribute to the development of a stomach ulcer or digestive problems.

Kinesiology makes use of muscle testing techniques to monitor the flow of energy throughout the body. Through this system a kinesiologist practitioner can identify the factors which may be disrupting the natural flow of energy which are essential for good health. It can help to keep the body balanced and therefore more able to cope with what life throws at us

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I will explain the muscle response testing procedure and will place limbs in different positions whilst applying a light manual pressure to test muscle response.

Skilful muscle testing allows the practitioner to find the areas of imbalance and the appropriate correction or technique required to restore energy balance and health.

Some of the correction techniques available include:

  • Gentle holding of acupressure points

  • Lymphatic massage

  • Hypertonic muscle release

  • Remedies, such as flower essences

  • Nutritional and lifestyle advice

What will happen in a session?

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Is it safe?

Kinesiology is a very safe, health enhancing therapy for everyone from infants to the elderly.
It does not diagnose or treat diseases - it allows the body to reveal what it needs to restore balance and well-being.

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The session is £45 for 1hr 15mins.

You will complete a questionnaire before you come, spend a while in the session looking at your health goals and then carry out a balance. It is painless and you remain fully clothed.
Touch for Health works within the self responsibility model which means that you are very much part of the process and will be given advice/techniques to take away as home care.