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Realise your inner potential with a SWAMI Nutrition plan that is built just for you.

SWAMI Genotype is a sophisticated collection of diet analysis and reporting software written By Dr. Peter D'Adamo, a world renowned expert in nutrition and genomics, and developer of 'The Blood Type Diet'.  It is based not only on your blood type, but also upon your genetic make-up and epigenetics (environmental factors, such as our time in the womb).

So, what is it?

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It takes nutrition and wellbeing to a whole new level. Using personal information such as your health history, biometric markers and even your genetic makeup to get a completely unique nutritional plan built entirely for you. SWAMI generates a 35-50 page dietary report, using over 12 million individual calculations.  The report details food that are beneficial, those that are neutral and those that do us harm.  You also have access to a unique meal planner and recipes which allow you to create meal plans, shopping lists and a personalised cookbook containing recipes that synergise with your diet.  It also looks at lifestyle and exercise choices that are best for you.

  • Weight Loss - get off the dieting roller coaster by identifying foods that are right for you

  • Digestive Concerns - Select foods which are best for your physiology

  • Hormone Balance - Recommends foods which aid hormonal balance

  • Medical Conditions - With any kind of medical condition it is important to eat foods that help you stay healthy.

Your personalised plan can help with...

2 hour appointment; health, diet and lifestyle will be discussed and you will receive a personalised 35-50 page prescription for optimum health based on your genetic make-up and epigenetics, using SWAMI XP2 diet analysis and reporting software.     

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