It's about being aware in the present moment with kindness and compassion.  Slowing down enough to notice negative thought patterns.  Creating the space to respond thoughtfully rather than react. 
It's about coming off autopilot and being fully present to life.

Private Sessions

£45 ​

This can be one to one or shared with a friend and can be in person or via zoom. 

No experience necessary.

Contact for further information.

In conjunction with CCP we will be offering Mindfulness courses starting September 2021.
For more information, please contact

Mindfulness Courses In Gloucester, The Forest of Dean and Tewkesbury 2021/22


  • Decreases anxiety, depression, stress and exhaustion

  • Improves memory, attention span and reaction

  • Increases empathy, self awareness, self control and attention

  • Increases ability to cope with long term health issues / pain