Hi, I'm Vicky!

I have always been interested in food and wellness.
I first visited a Nutritional Therapist in 2001 and realised that I had an intolerance to wheat, yeast and sugar.  Following this, I began following a dietary regime and was amazed to find that the headaches, constipation, bloating and yeast infections that I had suffered from for years vanished!  

It was from here that I embarked on my nutritional and wellness journey with the aim to help others.



Women's Health

Digestive Wellness

Food Intolerance & Sensitivities

Mindful Living & Eating

Healthy Cooking / Meal Planning

How I can help you?


I realised that many of my health issues were exacerbated by stress, so I embarked on a journey to learn techniques to better deal with stresses and anxieties inherent within modern life.

I have a Naturopathic approach to health, treating the whole person and looking for the root causes of ill health, rather than just addressing the symptoms.

If you are looking to optimise your health, be in lose weight or to tackle chronic health issues such as digestive complaints, woman's health issues and anxiety/stress, then you are in the perfect place!


Nutritional Therapy Course;
Completed with the School of Health, Stroud.

Yoga Foundation Course;
Completed through Cheltenham Yoga.

Mindfulness Teacher Training;
Completed with the Clear Mind Institute.

Muscle Response Testing Course;
Completed with the Classical Kinesiology Institute. 

In 2021, I became qualified in Touch For Health 

I am a fully accredited and insured member of the FNTP
(Federation of Nutritional Therapist Practitioners).