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I have always been interested in food and wellness, although my diet in my teens and twenties was less than ideal!  I first visited a Nutritional Therapist in 2001 and realised that I had an intolerance to wheat, yeast and sugar.  I followed the dietary regime and was amazed to find that the headaches, constipation, bloating and yeast infections that I had suffered from for years vanished!  

I wanted to spread the word and help other people and so embarked on a Nutritional Therapy course with the School of Health, Stroud.  I also completed a yoga foundation course through Cheltenham Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training with the Clear Mind Institute.  I had realised that so many of my health issues were exacerbated by stress and I needed to learn techniques to better deal with the stress and anxiety inherent in modern life. 


I have just completed a Muscle Response Testing (MRT) course with the Classical Kinesiology Institute which is a quick, painless, non-invasive way to identify foods and other airbourne substances that you may be intolerant to. It also offers techniques for bringing the body and emotions back into balance.

I have a Naturopathic approach to health, treating the whole person and looking for the root causes of ill health, rather than just addressing the symptoms.  I am fully accredited and insured and a member of the FNTP (Federation of Nutritional Therapist Practitioners) 

Twyning, Tewkesbury, Gloucesershire, UK

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