"Health is not just being disease -free.  It is when every cell in your body is jumping for joy"
- Sadhguru

How Can I Help You?

I work with people who are looking to optimise their health, be it to lose weight or to tackle chronic health issues such as digestive complaints, women's health issues and anxiety/stress.  These conditions feed into and exacerbate each other, so by balancing the body and improving diet, sleep, relaxation and exercise we can see improvements to both body and mind .
Head Massage
Touch For Health Kinesiology

Using muscle response testing as an indicator of energy flow in the body and helping to bring us back to balance structurally, emotionally and nutritionally
Nutritional Therapy
Guiding you to restore and optimise health and wellbeing through changes to diet and lifestyle,  correcting nutritional deficiencies and other techniques taken from naturopathy and kinesiology.



Workshops, corporate events and one to one sessions via Zoom or face to face available.

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Mindful Eating

Fed up with Diets that don't work?
Mindful Eating can help bring harmony to your relationship with yourself and food and bring about sustainable weight loss, health and happiness


SWAMI GenoType is a sophisticated collection of diet anaylsis and reporting software written by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, author of the 'Blood Type Diet'.
You receive a personalised plan for nutrition and wellbeing, created using your personal health history, biometric markers and your genetic makeup. 
SWAMI performs over 12 million calculations to determine a nutritional programme unique to you. SWAMI uses the science of epigenetics, which focuses on how environmental factors, such as diet,  can alter how your genes express themselves.

Take control of your nutrition from every aspect for a better you, with SWAMI you will see results across the board, no matter what your health goals - weight loss, hormonal balance, digestive health or other health issues. 

Turn off the bad genes, turn on the good ones. Live life to it's fullest.